Our Mission

As a Fellowship, we exist to . . .

  • know Jesus intimately

  • be fully empowered by the Holy Spirit

  • take the heart of the Father to all people

  • love others well in the way of Jesus

  • create loving environments for all to encounter Jesus

Our Vision

Our vision statement is a guide that points us to the ideal - the end result of what God has done in and through us - the picture of the landscape after we've been through it - what we look back and see.


The Fellowship of Christ is an expression of the Kingdom of God, committed to reach the world through:


  • Prayer, worship and ministry, where our facility is open seven days a week and the lights are never turned off.


  • Healing and deliverance, where masses miraculously have their physical, emotional and spiritual needs met.


  • Salvation, where multitudes are brought into a relationship with God through Jesus, The Messiah.


  • Pastoral care, with a Fellowship group in every Fellowshipper's neighborhood committed to live out the Gospel in their community.


  • Reaching out, where all who are willing have discovered their gifting and calling and have been trained to move in the power and fullness of the Holy Spirit to reach their generation as well as the next with the love of Jesus. (Ephesians 4:11-13)


  • Sending out, where countless teams are trained and sent throughout the world to love others well and to invite them into the Good News that is Jesus. 


  • Reconciliation, where the walls between people are broken down, where every individual is valued as a special creation of God, and where the family of God loves everyone in the way of Jesus.