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School of Equipping

We offer life-changing courses in our School of Equipping, with sessions in fall, winter, and spring. Typically, courses are offered on Sunday evenings from 6:00p to 7:30p (unless otherwise noted), and child care is available if requested in advance. To learn more about courses and to register, click on the courses below.

Core Courses

Attune to Attach

​ The dictionary defines Attunement as “being or bringing into harmony a feeling of being at one with another being.” Our vision is to take this one step further and to do it with the love of Jesus. This class will be informational, experiential, integrating into our lives how Scripture and the newest brain science interacts together. It will be very helpful for living life with others as well as ministering directly to those who are hurting and seeking the Lord’s healing.

Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership is an experiential group leadership coaching process that invites participants to experience profound truths about themselves, their calling, their community and their character. The intention is no more complicated and no less profound than creating an environment for each of us to speak the truth in love and to walk in the light. We use a series of structures and processes to invite direct communication and genuine self disclosure. And then to move in to action and offer a safe process for people to hold themselves accountable.We refer to these processes for direct communication and self disclosure in community as Authentic Communication. Because we use these processes to facilitate the group and to help each other identify, articulate and engage in their mission/calling, we refer to the overall process as Authentic Leadership.

Biblical Theology

Examining theology using scriptures from a reformed perspective.

Building with the Spirit

In 1 Cor. 3:9 God calls us to work together with Him. Learn to listen, hear or sense what the Holy Spirit is doing in your life and the life of the Church. Learn how to build your life and the local church in the Holy Spirit. Begin to learn the ways of God and how to walk in them. Teaching, practice and coaching.

Church History

An overview of 2000 years of church history.

Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University (FPU) is the work of Dave Ramsey, financial guru, heard nationally on talk radio. The course is 9 weeks in length and is facilitated semi-annually in the winter trimester of the School of Equipping.

Loving Others in the Way of Jesus

As Evangelical Christians, how can we love OTHERS (those outside the church) in the way of Jesus? What might happen if we follow Jesus into real, authentic friendship with people who are not like us—people who may speak different languages, come from different cultures, and hold to differing ideologies and theologies? Could this lead us to compromise in our own faith convictions? Or might such a lifestyle lead us to a place of ultimate flourishing as we share God’s shalom with OTHERS and love them with no agenda but love?If these questions intrigue you, please join us as we explore ways we can follow the Jesus of the Bible by building genuine friendship with OTHERS while remaining true to who we are as Jesus’ followers.

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