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Our Covenant with God & with One Another

We enter most solemnly and joyfully into covenant with one another, as one body in Christ.


By the aid of the Holy Spirit, we covenant to

  • walk together in the Love of God;

  • promote the advancement of this church body, in the intimate knowledge of our Lord, in purity, in unity and in love;

  • promote its prosperity and spirituality;

  • sustain its worship, sacraments, discipline, faith and leadership;

  • contribute cheerfully and regularly to the expenses of the church body and to its expression of the fulfillment of our mandate;

  • and take the heart of the Father to the hearts of people both near and far.

By the grace of God, we covenant to 

  • maintain family and private devotions;

  • teach our children to love God and others and to love God’s word;

  • seek God for the salvation of our families and acquaintances;

  • and walk in the fear of God, where to fear God is to live in silent wonder, radical amazement, affectionate awe in the infinite goodness of God.


With God’s help, we covenant to 

  • watch over one another in love;

  • remember each other in prayer;

  • comfort and aid each other in sickness and distress;

  • cultivate empathetic relationships with one another in feeling and courtesy of speech;

  • be slow to take offense but always ready to forgive and be reconciled without delay;

  • and be mindful of the example of Jesus.


With grateful hearts, we covenant to

  • cultivate our sensitivity to the person of the Holy Spirit through obedience to God’s will;

  • be receptive to the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit as they are set in the context of God’s love;

  • express the joy of our salvation in life, worship and speech.

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