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Prophetic Ministry

Prophecy Nights are open for anyone to come and receive personal prophetic ministry facilitated by an experienced team and students of the Prophetic Mentoring training class. Usually held on fifth Tuesdays (3-4 times/year.)


Introduction to the Gifts of the Spirit (SOE Class) is the first of two prophetic training courses and provides a scriptural foundation to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit and the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit with emphasis on the gift of prophecy.


Prophetic Mentoring (SOE Class) puts emphasis on having a pure heart through which Divine revelation can flow, as well as becoming a friend of God.


Prophecy for Leaders (SOE Class) is for leaders who want to be able to recognize true prophecy, be able to judge it correctly, and be able to encourage the expression of the gift of prophecy in a group.

For more information about Prophectic Ministry contact Steve & Autumn Weikert

Oak Tree Ministries

Oak Tree Ministries is an extension ministry of FOC founded by Nick and Diane Pettit of Raleigh. OTM, FOC, and House of Joy (HOJ), as well as, other non-profit organizations support the vision of indigenous churches in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). They provide business training in Congo. The vision includes sponsoring and coaching micro-industry.

For more information about Oak Tree Ministries contact Steve & Autumn Weikert

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